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Welcome to WikiViz


We are your partner in transforming visions into reality.

With a combination of advanced 3D modeling and compelling visualizations, we assist you in taking your projects from vision to the next level.

Our passion is to deliver images and solutions that not only impress but also help you achieve your design goals.



3D Modeling

Our 3D modeling takes your concepts to an entirely new level. Utilizing the latest techniques and tools, we swiftly and effortlessly craft 3D models that aid you in visualizing your projects on a three-dimensional scale.

Whether it's a building, an interior arrangement, or a product, our 3D modeling is your key to a visual comprehension of your design work.


Using the finest and newest tools, we create impressive visualizations such as, images, animations, 360-degree panorama experiences, and VR journeys.
Our visualization expertise enables us to transform your ideas into realistic and compelling images.
With remarkable detail and precision, our visualizations exceptionally convey your design vision.

3D Scanning Using Drones


With cutting-edge drone technology, we provide high-quality 3D scans of areas and properties. With the scans we can easily provide an accurate 3d model of the project.

This service offers you a detailed overview of your project area and contributes valuable information to your design process.


Our drawings provide a clear path for your project.
We can help you create sketch and concept drawings for your visions.
With the latest technology and precision, we create accurate drawings that are crucial for construction, planning, and communication.
Our drawings provide a solid foundation for your design.



Archviz, Stadium Tour
Lake house rendering


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